Tuesday, May 19, 2020

20 year old bench looks like new

We bought this cast iron bench when we first moved into our home 20+ years ago. I’ve thought about throwing it out for years, mostly because I was afraid someone would sit on it and fall through, but due to quarantine, Randy finally found some time to replace the wood. Less than $30 and it looks like new.
We just replaced the wood and painted the ironwork.
The ones they make today aren’t nearly as well made as this.
It weighs at least 70-100lbs! 

This shows how much it was worn even back when the kids were little. 

It had definitely seen better days 
I’m so glad I never got rid of it. I love trash to treasure items!

Monday, May 18, 2020

My 17 year old son’s bedroom makeover reveal

Since I’ve been working from home, it seems like I have even less time. I’m not sure how that happens when I’m saving all of the commute time. Anyway, I haven’t been very good at keeping everyone updated on the day to day progress, but I’ll at least continue to post the finished projects.
Here is the finished room, except for the custom blinds that still haven’t arrived.

Drew's room hadn't been updated since he was little. I think it was time. Lol
Every single surface floor to ceiling was updated with this makeover (including the furniture)
Randy made the built-in to fit the fish tank.
We sanded down the old dresser, then painted the body black. We left the drawer fronts and top wood, and used knobs that we'd removed from another project. The entire makeover was less than $30
Dresser before

The bed was painted black and the round finials replaced with this more mature and masculine flat piece 
The ceiling was painted black and the floors refinished in a soft natural color.
I chose the brick wallpaper, sconces and spider pendant for a more industrial look.
In these next photos you can see that we have painted the doors with the same tricorn black that we have used in the rest of the house.

I had this map in storage for years. I just had Randy make a frame for it out of scrap wood.
Art for free! 
For a personal touch, I added some of his high school feature articles

I think his fish are also happy in their new environment. 😉

That's about it for this makeover. We're working on a furniture piece next, but I'll let that be a surprise. 

Until next time.