Wednesday, March 24, 2021


That little dimmer knob was driving me crazy!
I got this oil rubbed bronze one on Amazon. 

Come on... you gotta admit this looks so much better!!! 

Now I can work in my office without being distracted by that ugly knob. 😉

Sunday, March 21, 2021

A year later...

After almost a year of working from home(which is so incredibly hard to believe), I finally picked up my office equipment from our downtown office. Until now, I'd been working from my laptop off of TV trays.

This gave me an opportunity to update our home office, and convert the attached "playroom" into my personal office sitting room. (You all know how much I enjoy making over a room, so any excuse will do. lol)

 The office is in the basement, and it can get quite cold in that room. So the first thing I did was purchase a space heater.  I looked for the cutest one I could find, that would still heat the room effectively. 
I found this one on  Amazon. It got decent reviews, but it didn't come in the color I wanted. I went ahead and purchased it, and just painted it black to blend into the wall. Then I found this super cute mantel shelf. I had actually found it on another website first, but Amazon had it cheaper. Also, with Prime, I received it in just a couple of days.  I ALWAYS make sure to look for items on Amazon before purchasing elsewhere, and visa versa. I purchase a lot of things online, so I'm always looking for the best price.  
See that dimmer knob that sticks out like a sore thumb??? I have a replacement coming tomorrow!

This is the attached sitting room. It used to hold all of their toys when the kids were little, and it was the room they played video games as they grew up. Now that we're getting close to being empty nesters, I can finally start converting some of the extra rooms that they no longer need.
We installed the wainscoting and grasscloth wallpaper, and painted the ceiling white. We had done this last year in Reese's new room, and I just loved it!  I thought it would look great in here too.
This cute rug has been around for many, many years. I used it in our living room a long time ago, but it has been in my office at work for the last several years. It's still in excellent condition, and I still absolutely love it.  
As you probably remember from previous blogs, we started painting all of our interior doors SW Tricorn Black, just before quarantine. This is one of the last rooms to finally get done. We had already painted the French door, but the closet doors hadn't been done yet.   
The cabinet has been around for a long time also. I just keep painting the inside panels to match the decor of the room.  This time I painted it black, and did the French love letter stencil again. If you've been following me very long, you've seen this before ;) Now it holds office supplies, and some of my extra decor items.
This is also the room the kids used to use when they had friends spend the night. It's a sleeper sofa, so it came in handy since they have twin beds in their bedrooms. I promised it to my son for his new house as soon as I get my apartment sized sofa from the office. (I still do not have any of my big pieces from my work office) Because it's brown, I didn't think it would go with the new decor. However, I'm now thinking I don't hate it. hmmmm 

This TV stand was a piece I got for free when I purchased a 'lot" at a local auction many, many years ago.  When I first got it, I painted it white, removed the drawers, and replaced them with these huge baskets.  For this makeover, we sanded it down to reveal the wood top and to repaint the body. However, once it was sanded down, I really loved the "extreme distressed" look, so I decided to just change out the knobs and leave it as is.  I used some dark wax on the top to bring out the grain.  My husband said it is now one of his favorite pieces. 

I do still have a few more pieces that haven't arrived yet, but these rooms are practically done. As soon as Joey moves to his new house, his room is next!!!  :)