Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Bedroom Update

I'm so excited! The bedroom is basically finished. I have a few more accessories coming that I have to switch out, and I still need to update the whelping box, but other than that, it's done. Yay!

This room came with a lot of challenges! (Having a giant whelping box sitting in the middle of your bedroom isn't the most attractive thing, LOL) I also really dislike the bed sitting in front of that small window, but with the giant armoire that houses most of my shoe collection, there's really no where else for it to go. The armoire is a family piece that belonged to Randy's Great Grandmother and I absolutely LOVE it, so it's definitely not going anywhere.  Therefore, I just had to design around those two huge pieces.   

It was a lot of work to shiplap two full rooms, and Randy has gotten really good at it, but I'm sure he's glad that part of it's all finished.  We'll be changing out the paper on the whelping box next, and then I'll take more pictures of the entire space.  

The tiny master bathroom is next.  The shiplap is already done in there,  so we'll just be changing out fixtures and the shower doors,


  1. WOW!!! Really cozy and warm. Great work! Please please come help me with my house.