Sunday, April 19, 2020

Another Quarantine Project Complete

I feel so sorry for the class of 2020! My daughter is a senior this year. It breaks my heart that she’s  going to miss out on awards ceremonies, prom, graduation, etc., 😢
She will be going into the nursing program, and has decided to stay local to save money. She wants to be a nurse anesthetist so she’ll be in school, and at home, for several more years. She is such a responsible young woman, and we are so proud of her. Giving her a room makeover was the least we could do for her.  She loved the way it turned out.

New grasscloth wallpaper, a dresser makeover, and we painted the lamps.

We replaced the ceiling fixture and painted all of the woodwork.

We sanded the white paint off the floor  and restrained it.
We also painted the little laundry cabinet

She wanted a room with a boho vibe

We’re working on my son’s room next 😉

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