Wednesday, July 15, 2020

DIY Outdoor Sectional Seating

Well everyone, my husband has done it again. In just a day and a half, he has made yet another of my designs come to life!
I decided I wanted more seating on the patio, so I ordered some cushions from Frontgate and asked Randy to build me a sectional that would accommodate them. As usual, I just explained to him what I wanted, and showed him a few pictures. In no time the sectional was finished! The problem now is, yesterday made the 4TH TIME the cushions have been delayed! I’m dying!!! I just want to see the complete project! 😫
However, as per usual, I can’t wait to show everyone! So here it is (with a few of the old cushions 😉) just to give you the idea of how it’s going to look.


There will also be matching rolling ottomans. Randy will be building those in a couple of days. I guess there’s no hurry though, since we have NO IDEA when the cushions will get here. 😭


  1. That's beautiful. Where did you get your hanging hammock chair? My daughter wants one for her screened in porch.

  2. We got it a couple of years ago at Walmart