Saturday, July 18, 2020

Outdoor Art

I have always loved outdoor art. To me, pillows, lighting, and artwork are three of the most important elements in making an outdoor space feel like an interior room.

I’ve been using outdoor art for years. In the early days, I would have to buy cheap wall art and try to weatherproof it myself. However, over the years, it has gotten much easier to find, and has also gotten somewhat more affordable.

Recently I found this 30” x 40” weatherproof canvas online. I knew it would look fabulous on our exterior wall, but also knew it was too small for the space. So I asked Randy to make me a fat, chunky frame.  He whipped it up in a single afternoon, and I think it looks perfect. Now I want him to make frames all of my outdoor art. Uh oh 😬

 Sorry, I got a little carried away with the Sampson pics. He’s just so adorable 💕

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